Graffiti Ads:

Best Money I Ever Spent On Advertising!

Deborah Wishon - owner, Deva Fine Jewelry

The advertising that you do for your business cannot possibly bring you new customers without one important thing happening — people have to look at it, and read it, deliberately! Which is exactly what Graffiti Ads offers: advertising that people actually read.

Graffiti Ads offers advertising in upscale restaurant restrooms throughout the Triad. Feel free to chuckle — it works! A Rice University study found that restroom advertising commands “Focal Levels of Attention.” Why? Because people like having something to focus on in a restroom, so they look at our ads deliberately — you can leverage this to your advantage by advertising your business with Graffiti Ads. Your ad will be front and center with your audience (an audience that likes to go out and spend money), not buried in online content or in the back of a magazine.

We have many businesses that have been advertising with us for 5-10 years. They simply would not incur that expense for that long if they did not get a great return on it!