About us

Graffiti Ads  Hard Working Indoor Ad Space

Graffiti Ads, the North Carolina Triad’s original and leading indoor advertising company, offers the best of two worlds – the most effective type of advertising available, at the best venues in the Triad.

“Retention of impressions generated by restroom advertising was found to be on average 40% stronger than impressions generated by other media. Customers spend significant time reading restroom ads with no distractions.” – Rice University Study

what we offer

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    True Focus On Your Message

    We offer the one advertising medium that viewers can’t flip away from, turn the page on, or ignore at 65 mph. Imagine the effects of your advertising message being seen daily by a captive audience of thousands of men and women.

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    A Great Audience For Your Message

    Graffiti restaurant programs offer an active audience with considerable disposable income, when they are out, relaxed – socializing, spending money and having fun.

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    Another Great Audience For Your Message

    Greensboro Coliseum is the largest single-seat arena in the country, with an incredibly diverse schedule of concerts, conventions, family shows and sporting events – featuring the ACC Basketball Tournament! LJVM has the only full schedules of ACC men’s and women’s basketball available in the Piedmont, with the upscale audiences that those games always attract. These venues give Graffiti Ads advertisers a unique platform for their message, and a live audience that is unmatched in the Triad!

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    Cost Effective Color

    A color ad can convey your advertising message up to 85% more effectively than black and white. Graffiti Ads are guaranteed to be seen by your target market for a fraction of the cost of traditional print media. Our high-quality four-color ads are professionally designed and strategically placed at each location.